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Training Requests

So you are ready to register for either Recruit Training or an Advanced Training? First, you need to see which training will suit you.  Click the "Trainings" button below to see all of the available trainings for you to pick from.  Choose wisely!  Make sure that you are eligible to attend a training before you request it.  How do you know if you're eligible? It's simple, you just click on the "Details" link next to the training information on Magellan.  Here you will find all the minimum requirements, event details as well as all other pertinent information to help you decide.

Once you have decided on the training you would like to attend, fill out the "Training Request Form" below.  

After you have submitted this form, and you are waiting for a response, it would be a good time to make sure your service jacket is in order.  Make sure that:

  • your PRTs have been completed and passed within 6 months of training start date

  • your Medical History form (pages 3-4 of the cadet application) must be filled out & signed within 30 days of training start date

  • your Medical Exam form (pages 5-6 of the cadet application) has been filled out by your doctor within one year of training

  • your Medical Supplement (pages 7-6 of the cadet application) has been updated if applicable

  • your Medical Accommodation (pages 9-10 of the cadet application) has been updated if applicable

After you submit a training request, your training status will be SUBMITTED while awaiting training COTC to CONFIRM training.  Print the Request for Training (NSCTNG001) and have your parent fill out including signature and date, arrange to meet CO to have him sign and date, and scan and email signed copy to  Please keep a signed copy for your records


Once this form is uploaded to Magellan, the COTC will CONFIRM your training and an INVOICE will be emailed to you.  You are responsible for sending in the payment and invoice.  No personal checks are accepted.  You are responsible for sending in any additional paperwork requested by your specific training. 


The COTC will eventually APPROVE your training and a Training Authority (NSCTNG005) will be emailed to you, which must be initialed and dated by CO.

If you are attending NSCC recruit training (n/a for NLCC orientation training) please begin working on your BMRs which can be found at  You will not be able to attend recruit training if they are not complete.


It is your responsibility to make sure that all forms are up to date, PRTs are current, and you are available to pick up your service jacket at drill date before your training.  After your training is over, you must return your service jacket at the next drill.

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