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The Naval Sea Cadet Corps (NSCC) Recruit Training (RT) or commonly referred to as "Boot Camp" is the cadet's introduction to military routine and discipline and is the first step toward advancing in the Sea Cadet Program. Cadets spend nine days or two weeks learning basic Navy subjects, elementary seamanship, basic damage control, and quarter's maintenance.

Recruit Training is mandatory for all Naval Sea Cadets; however, it is optional for Naval League Cadets. NSCC cadets must complete E-1 and E-2 Polaris coursework in order to attend recruit training.

Are you ready for Recruit Training (Boot Camp)?
Click below and see to take practice quiz for Recruit Training.
The Basic Military Requirements Practice Qualification Exam  


Please review the below items which are required to know for recruit training.


Every cadet should know their USNCC ID number for Recruit Training


Basic Sea Bag Checklist
When you are ready for recruit training you can click (Seabag) which will direct you to a document link. Remember this is a basic checklist and some recruit trainings require different items so please refer to the sea bag list for that recruit training in your welcome package.

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