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Color Guard Protocol- Training Operations 0807-4(d)

The primary mission of the color guard is to ensure that the national ensign colors are handle and displayed with the utmost care and respect. Upon receiving or uncasing the national colors, the color guard assumes a ceremonial posture; meaning that all movements will be by marching at attention and the most relaxed halted position will be parade rest. 

LMMD Color Guard Power Point

Sea Cadet Training and Operations Manual Color Guard Regulations section 0807 for use of ribbons on color bearers.
*** Color Bearers will NOT be wearing ribbons or nameplates.**
***Rifle Bearers WILL wear ribbons and nameplates for color guard.

sea cadet colo guard reg 0807 no ribbons for color bearer's only.PNG
sea cadets training manual.PNG
Color Guard Team Uniform Regs.jpg

Color Guard Team Uniforms

color guard review flag and staff sizing.jpg
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